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365 Days Later

365 Days Later

It's been ONE WHOLE YEAR since Saved by Grace Co. launched! I still can't believe its been an entire 365 days. 

On this day exactly one year ago, I had no intentions of actually launching and telling the world what I had been up to. If you've ever started something or wanted to start anything, you know all too well those fearful feelings of rejection or incompetency. Those feelings consumed my entire being at that time and still do sometimes. I knew what God wanted me to do, but what I didn't know is that you guys would actually support and help me to help you and others see God in everyday places. 

What started with one SBG tank and a few signs, has turned into over 100 products and over 1,000 sales. It's turned into hundreds of prayer requests, thousands of tears and so many changed moments in my life and yours. I have no doubt that outside of the people I have actually spoken to, that God has moved in more lives that I will ever begin to know.

What's funny about this entire journey is that typically I am selfish by nature when it comes to taking credit for things. I'm not selfish in the sense that I keep everything to myself. Sometimes I give entirely too much. BUT, I have been the person who has done something and by God, you better give me the credit for it or we are DONE-zo. I've meant well, worked hard in many areas of my life, but I wouldn't say I have been humble in those successful moments. I have fed off of these successful moments and they have in return forced me to work harder, reaching for that next successful moment. Not one successful moment was ever good enough. Not a single one. I wanted more, always more. This an excellent way to live life if you want to crash and burn and I no longer wanted to crash and burn out every single time I was looking for some sort of pat on the back from worldly things or people. 

When it comes to Saved by Grace Co., I don't and cannot take the credit. This is the most humbled I have ever been. There is no WAY I could take credit. The things that have unfolded in front of my eyes - I'm saying WOW just like you! God is using me as a tool to reach hundreds of people. Sometimes, I look back at what I have said to someone and it's like reading it for the first time. They aren't my words. I mean, heck - I don't have these things saved up in my head. I JUST started having a relationship with Christ just two years ago. I'm not well versed in this, nor do I know more than you when it comes to God. Instead, I am right beside you, living life with all of it's ups and downs. What's different about me, is that I now know that God is in control. That he loves me anyways. That I am not a screw up. That I am never rejected or unsupported. That I belong. I know the same to be true about ya'll because God tells me so. 

No, He doesn't jump down from heaven into my office or at Starbucks and give me wisdom. Instead, I listen carefully and I pray for it. When you ask me for prayer, sometimes God gives me what I need right then and there to comfort you. Other times, I have to pray to Him, to pray for you. Crazy, right? It's always in those moments that I can speak to people and they know it's from a bigger source than me. My relationship with God has taken work. It's taken me completely letting go of my own ignorance and opinions of life. It's taken God rewriting my history and my future. It's taken me time to learn to listen. To not ignore all of the signs around me that God is with me and speaking to me daily. I wish I could put into better words how this happens, but I can't. Not yet at least. 

Enough of that. We will get back to that in later conversations and journey's as SBG continues to grow. It has been done. I have started answering my calling. I quit my job for this. God said He wanted me to work for Him full time and that's what I'm doing. I'll be broke and on the side of the streets for this opportunity if need be. 

What I am here to say is THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing God to take over mini moments in your life to ask me for prayer, purchase a God-loving item so that you can express your love for Christ. Thank YOU for being a shepherd, rocking that t-shirt in Walmart while you're grocery shopping and not even knowing that someone needed the message from your tee. It wasn't you who gave it to them, it was God leaving a little nugget of confirmation. But, it was YOU who was obedient, purchased the tee, wore it and claimed in front of all the world that you are a Christ loving human. 

Did you know that when I was younger, I was embarrassed to be a Christian? Like I would have NEVER spoken out loudly that God was speaking to me. Like...What??? Just how. "How in the heck is He speaking to you, Whitney???" is what I would have asked myself. Now I know. It doesn't need to be explained. I'll be that crazy Jesus loving girl who talks to God in the middle of Home Depot when I'm picking out wood for your sign, or I'm looking for the words to pray over the sign you so desperately need to remind you that God is with you. I'll be that. For the rest of my life I'll be that if God asks me to.

Right now, it's on my heart to pray for any and everyone who wants that relationship with God, but doesn't quite know where to start. I don't have the answers, but if you reach out to me I can pray for you. God is listening to your heart's desires and sometimes it just takes reaching out. You have a calling that God has placed in your life. I have no idea what that is. It doesn't have to be to run a business like me. It doesn't have to be what the standards of success tell us to be. It's to be a mother, who stays at home with her babies and wants to pull her hair out, but instead loves those babies unconditionally. It's for the mother who lost her baby, but God is using them as a shepherd to spread His message that "And if not, He is still good.". It could be for the person who has lived a life full of addiction who has now turned to Christ and has the life experience to show and tell you how good God is. It's for that girl doing makeup or hair and using their gift to show people how beautiful they are, using God's heart to do so. Or the police officer who is saving lives and reassuring the world that there are good people. Or maybe, it's the family who chose to adopt a child. A child that God has destined to be one of His disciples and that will do great things for His kingdom. Or for the abused woman who is on the edge of losing control of her entire life, but decides to hang on because God told her to. That's obedience. That's a calling. 

Don't force it. Don't make your calling what YOU want it to be. Heck, I just wanted to go to work and come home and catch some tv and eat until my heart was content. I didn't want to work a million hours a week and ALWAYS be working. Nope, I sure did not. Allow God to whisper to you what He is asking. There will come a time where it's your turn to be obedient. I pray that you will because it's the only thing on earth that will truly satisfy your soul. You'll know. You'll know because God won't leave you alone about it. 

I hope that some of you made it to the end of this. Because I sometimes start reading blogs and then it doesn't connect and I'm like - "I'm outty, see ya" and then I probably miss what God wanted me to hear. I do it all the time. I hope God nudged you to make it this far and I hope if He did, that you ask Him to completely surround your entire life right now. In every single thing, surround you. 

Plus - it's Saved by Grace Co.'s birthday. Which means a sale. Duh! 

I need more Christ loving peeps to rock these tees out in the world. So - all tees from now until 12am, are $5.00 off. You can buy every tee in the shop and each will take $5.00 off using the code:


I love you guys and I am looking forward to many more years of serving God and serving right alongside you. I'm looking forward to praying for you and with you. I'm looking forward to walking through life blindly with only the reassurance that God has us in His hands. I'm walking with you, shoes untied and ready to trip (as pictured below). I'll be right beside you to stand back up and thank God for His never-ending love.