Mind Your Own Motherhood V-Neck

Mind Your Own Motherhood V-Neck

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Jesus chose me to raise my child + although I fall short, He's equipped me with the tools I need to raise her.

What's with it with other women jumping on social media to give their unsolicited advice to other mom's?

I cannot even COUNT how many times people have done it to me.

Don't let those holier than thou mom's try to shame you. You're doing a dang good job at minding your own motherhood.

You've got what it takes. You've got what they need.

And if you're in a space where you don't feel like things are going right, just remember that ALL of our kids have had issues. All of our kids have acted a complete and total fool at the WRONG time. (Is there ever a right time?) All of our kids have needed to be disciplined more than what we had the energy to do. All of us haven't done the right thing at all the right times.

All of us moms...we're in it together.

About the Tee:

This crew neck tee has a classic cut with short sleeves and a perfect relaxed feel. 

Pre-shrunk fabric. True to size, as a unisex tee. If you’d like a more form fitting style, go down one size. Up one size for an extra oversized fit.

This crew neck tee is white or grey in color with a black design.

Featuring a signature retail fit, this classic crew neck is all about comfort!

How to Hang:

There are many ways you can adhere your quote to the wall. Each letter is light in weight and can be hung easily. My favorite and most cost effective way to hang is Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty. Tear off the appropriate amount (read directions on putty) of putty and place on the letters.


This product is non-refundable due to the custom nature of the product. Letters are cut using mdf draft-board which may have natural imperfections out of our control.

Available to purchase only unfinished at this time.