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Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass
Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass
Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass
Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass
Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass
Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass
Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass
Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass

Face Mask Clip - This Too Shall Pass

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"And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call  the name of the Lord shall be saved." Acts 2:21

DONATED CLIPS CLOSED. We were able to donate over 3,000 clips to medical professionals and first responders across many states. Moving forward, all mask clips can be purchased for $2.00 each. 



Please also use the honor system. These are being made to help those who need them and only free for medical responders + first responders. Donations will allow me to make as many as I can for them. I am currently not offering lots of more than 15 at a time. I’m currently unable to make these for an entire hospitals as many have requested, but you may place an order for the allowed amount and then place another at a later date. This will allow me to keep things moving for everyone.

Face mask clips are designed to help alleviate the pain and discomfort of wearing face masks for an extended period of time.

The clip makes it so that the mask strings are not rubbing against your ears, which will alleviate sore ears. It also helps to pull the face mask closer to your face, so that there is less exposure.

Directions: Wrap elastic (or other material) around the clip, instead of your ears.

Each clip is make out of acrylic or draft board, which is reusable and can be washed with soap and water after each wear. The design was made to ensure that the elastic does not easily slip out of the clip, for longer wear.

Saved by Grace Co. will be donating these masks clips to medical professionals + first responders. All that I ask is a donation to help cover the materials/cost. I am using the honor system here.

If you would like to sponsor clips for a particular health care center, etc., please let me know and I can give you more specifics and different quantity options. Please e-mail me

If you are not a medical professional or first responder, you may purchase these as well for $2.00 each. Your funds will help to make more for donation.

If you would like to receive them for medical professionals/first responders, you may still donate by first adding the clips to your order and then going back to add a donation to your cart as well.

If you only place an order for a donation, you will not receive anything in the mail. If you’d like both, please make sure both are added to your cart.

Everyone must pay shipping costs, which will be available at checkout. 

THANK YOU to all first responders, medical professionals and essential workers. YOU matter + are making a difference. 

 *Personalization is not being offered*

These are not intended or said to be an approved medical device or accessory. 


How to Hang:

How to Hang:

Each word can be hung easily using many different adhesives. 

My favorite product to use is Loctite Mounting Putty


Please be aware that each cutout is made of MDF, which may have imperfections.

Please be mindful and extremely careful not to pull or tear the item or packaging materials when opening your package. Open with the very most care. Saved by Grace Co. is not responsible for replacing words that were neglected during opening.