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Hey, homegirl! Just a quick reminder that no matter how many followers, how many sales, how many likes, how many whatever it is that you feel like you're chasing to feel worthy...it just doesn't matter.

YOU are fully known and loved by Jesus. Fully known. You have all of his likes and His love for you stretches higher than all of the mountains and wider than all of the seas.

For the past few months, I only allow myself 1 hour of Instagram a day. One hour. Because if I don't, my worldly heart and brain tell me I'm not worthy of any likes, any following, any anything. Instead of sitting on here pouting that my house isn't as great as yours or that my business isn't as big as someone else's, that I'm not as pretty as you, skinny as you or whatever the enemy tells me on that day - I choose to just stay away from those triggers. I love this platform, but this is a reminder to be careful and not to get caught up. You are fully and entirely known by Jesus and my likes or anyone else's should never make you feel less than.

Homegirl, God has you exactly where He wants you.

About the Tee:

This crew neck tee has a classic cut with short sleeves and is super soft! 

Pre-shrunk fabric. True to size.

Tee is mauve in color with a white design.

Each tee is carefully designed by shop owner, Whitney Vaughn. Featuring a signature retail fit, this classic crew neck is all about comfort!

Each tee is professionally screen-printed for retail quality that you'd find in any store! (Yep, that means no possibility of peeling vinyls!)

 Interested in wholesale? Please send inquiry to savedbygraceco@gmail.com