Purpose Over Popularity - Pocket Style Tee

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Purpose Over Popularity

The word popular might remind you of being in high school, kind of like it reminds me. However this word is still true and crosses my mind often in a world full of everyone's perfect photo reels. Let's focus on our purpose more and less of how many followers, likes or comments we get. Let's focus on what God has called us to, instead of what mere humans seek. Let's love ourselves, the purposes God has given us and let's encourage others to do the same.

 About the Tee:

This crew neck tee has a classic cut with short sleeves and a perfect relaxed feel. 

Pre-shrunk fabric. True to size, as a unisex tee. If you’d like a more form fitting style, go down one size. Up one size for an extra oversized fit.

This crew neck tee is lilac in color with a pink design.

Featuring a signature retail fit, this classic crew neck is all about comfort!

Each tee is professionally screen-printed for retail quality that you'd find in any store! (Yep, that means no possibility of peeling vinyls!)