This too shall pass - keychain with purple tassel
This too shall pass - keychain with purple tassel

This too shall pass - keychain with purple tassel

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this too shall pass.🌈 ⛅️

That trouble you’re worried about - will pass.
The tantrum the toddler is having - will pass.
The financial issues - will pass.
The fear of the unknown - will pass.
The divorce - will pass.
The breakup - will pass.
The drama - will pass.
The mess, like the one you see in the background - will pass.
The infertility - will pass.
The grief - will pass.
The comparison - will pass.
The whatever it is - it. will. pass.

And don’t get me wrong, passing doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter or even that things will magically get better or get better at all. It doesn’t mean that the situation you’re in won’t be hard. It doesn’t mean that we should forget it. Life leaves scars. It gives us testimonies.

It does mean that whatever comes our way - our faith tells us that it will be okay. I believe that. God is a redeemer of ANY situation, hardship, shame or failure.
In life, there will always be pain. There will be scars. There will be battles. Have faith in your strength + the process of whatever you’re going through. He will get us through this time and the next.

Each keychain has been laser cut and engraved to make a sturdy keychain. Please choose your tassel color when checking out.

Size: about 3” x 2.5"

    • Each key chain comes with snap hooks and mini jump ring. The D clasp has a strong spring loaded snap gate.Just pull and hold trigger to open.The 8mm jump ring connectors can be used to attach pendant, tags and other small accessories.
    • Not Rust & No Fade
    • Made of high quality metal alloy.