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You're like, really the freaking best!
You're like, really the freaking best!
You're like, really the freaking best!
You're like, really the freaking best!

You're like, really the freaking best!

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You're really like the freaking best. 

I'll share the post that I originally released this sticker with, in hopes that it touches someone who may need to hear the message behind it!

"This is for my friends who aren’t business owners. ✨ God put this on my heart to share last night, but I was all like - “God I just posted so you gotta wait til tomorrow”. He was all like - “okay. I don’t want to mess up the algorithm”.
But for real - there has been SO much hype around small business owning + don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome. But, you know what? This isn’t about doing what we see others doing + trying to have that, too.
This is about doing what God has called us to do, whether that’s working a 9-5, retail, food, hospitality, construction, healthcare, teaching. These are ALL callings. These are all necessary + really great things. These jobs are blessings to our families.
Don’t ever for a SECOND think God hasn’t called you to the job you’re at now. Look for it. Listen for it. Ask for it. Every morning ask God how He can navigate you to make an impact for Him in the spaces you’re in.
Small business owners or those who work from home are not better than the rest. Our callings are just DIFFERENT.
We need to learn to embrace that, HYPE it up, be thankful for it + you know what? I need to be making something for y’all too. I might be y’all again, because wherever God leads - I follow + if He puts me back out, out I will go.
So, here’s to my working friends. Get that money, girl! Answer that calling RIGHT in the space you are because you’re there for a reason. Might just be a stepping stone, might be for the long haul. And it might be until He’s ready for you to take a step into your own business.
Either way, Your purpose is significant. Your job is important. You matter. We need you to keep us all afloat. Use this as CONFIRMATION that you’re right where you need to be.
I’ll be releasing some really cool to-do lists for my peeps who fall into this calling category. I ain’t about to leave y’all out."

Guess what? These stickers are 

Durable, weather resistant vinyl stickers - YEP!

Don't stress about quality and durability. These stickers will withstand exposure to the harshest weather conditions and feature a premium coating that protects them from exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. You can even put them in your dishwasher and have them come out looking brand new!!


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How to Hang:

There are many ways you can adhere your quote to the wall. Each letter is light in weight and can be hung easily. My favorite and most cost effective way to hang is Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty. Tear off the appropriate amount (read directions on putty) of putty and place on the letters.


This product is non-refundable due to the custom nature of the product. Letters are cut using mdf draft-board which may have natural imperfections out of our control.

Available to purchase only unfinished at this time.