It's Fall, Ya'll!

Cool weather has approached! Time to get cozy in the fall collections!

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Shop the Flash Sale, which includes all items that were exposed to the storm! All products 60-70% OFF!

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It's FALL, Ya'll!!
Shop the Fall Collections! These are the perfect additions to your pumpkin patch trip, whether it be a tee or a mug to cozy up with. And guess what - this is just the beginning! Sweatshirts, long sleeves and more to come in the next few weeks! Keep checking back!
The items in this sale either got wet from the rain, or they have small imperfections, none that can be visibly seen. These items are pretty much in perfect condition, however I don't want to sell items at full price that endured the storm. These items are non-refundable and at an over 50% discount. To know more about the background on the "WHY" of this sale; please read my Instagram post dated September 1st.

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