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CUT OFF DATE FOR VALENTINE'S DAY SHIPPING IS 1/27/23Our current turnaround time is between 7-14 days. Thank you for your patience!



The cutoff date for the Valentine's Day Collection ordering is 1/27/2.

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of orders, there is no exception. If your order is placed after 1/27, we cannot gaurantee it will be delivered to you in time for the holiday. Thanks so much!

Hand-made Products that inspire


ethical + handmade products with purpose

Our apparel is ethically sourced screen printed + designed in-house. Whether you wear a tee in the grocery store or to a playdate, the message you are wearing may be exactly what someone needed to see right in that moment. Each home decor piece has either been created as a reminder of God’s truth + love or just a reminder to be positive and remain thankful in your everyday lives.


proudly owned by a woman of color

Saved by Grace Co. isn’t just about products and sales. It’s about sharing some of my most vulnerable moments + testimonies. I love to create products and designs using these vulnerable moments, all while growing in Christ. It is my hope that by speaking my truth, you know that you are not alone and that there is community and prayer waiting for you here.

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the god of valleys

helping people see god in everyday places, using everyday things

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Designed in house

friendly sustainable

ethically sourced materials

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